Brian’s Red Box Quiz

Brian’s Red Box quiz, Sundays at 9pm.. Where quiz meets game show!!

Live Music From Various Artists

Saturdays at 9pm is where you can find live music from various artists, both new and regular.

Come down to “The Loggie” and check out what’s happening..

Tommy’s Karaoke Express

Come to the Log Cabin on Friday 8.30pm for a great time with Tommy’s Karaoke Express.

Peter’s General Knowledge Quiz Night

Head down to the Log Cabin, Thurdays at 9pm for Peter”s General Knowledge Quiz Night.

Monday Poker

League Business

Sooooo long since there was any info to post here.  We stopped for the pain in the pandemic just before our season end.  Took 2 games to complete the season and the leader at the time (Danny Ryan) remains top!

Congrats Danny!!

Bounty Hunter this Monday 6th September (remember those?)

New Players

Our game is open to anyone who fancies poker in a friendly and easy going environment.  Registration from 7.45pm and play starts about 8.15pm.

Annual Tournament

There will be a minimum requirement to have played a minimum of 24 games in the calendar year (Feb 2019 – Jan 2020, Jan21), to register for the game.  Games played at the Auld Hoose can count towards this.  The amount of games each player has played towards this is beside their name in the “Q” column.

Check out the “Annual Pot” running total at the top of the sheet.  Check out the Auld Hoose League


League table


Sky HD & the Cloud

Now is the time to get our visual entertainment up to the highest spec.

We’ve decided that with all the “HD ready” tellys on the wall, we should really look at putting proper HD sources in place. So we now offer ALL of tthe SKY HD channels.  Check out football and golf on our new plasmas on HD.  Awesome!

Add to this that we’ve totally upgraded our sound system too!  You’d think you were there!


Restaurant Changes

New team starting at the Log Cabin restaurant on the 11th of March.  Derek & Leslie Donaldson are bringing authentic Italian cuisine to the Loggie for that gastro dining experience.  Check out the Resaurant tab above for menu details.

New Restaurant

“Jugs” Promo

Starting this month we’re offering “Jug o’ the month’.

This month it’s the current favourite “Venom”.  Just go up to the bar and ask the staff to get a JUG oot!  Then duck, just in case!!

The Log Cabin Venom